SimplySecure Reseller Program

Finally. An insanely easy approach to deliver encryption, security and management for your customer's inventory of mobile devices.

Whether a customer-managed subscription or monthly managed service, the SimplySecure platform protects data on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android Phones and Tablets and USB Storage from one easily managed web-based administration console.  As a monthly managed service offered exclusively by Beachhead-authorized MSPs there is no easier or more painless approach to encryption compliance and mobile device security.

> Hear from our MSPs about the SimplySecure Managed Platform here. 

SimplySecure allows IT Solution Providers the ability to:

Easily manage mobile device security for many customers
Enforce encryption on PCs, Macs, Phones, Tablets and USB Storage
Manage security on any quantity/mix of devices
Remotely control device and data access
Remotely eliminate sensitive data when all else fails
Maintain visibility and control over mobile device inventory
SimplySecure Managed offers MSPs:

Generous margins for highly-valued service
The ability to provide device protection as monthly managed service
Invoicing only for licenses deployed that month*
A recurring revenue model for customers who require compliance
Console read-access and reporting for customer piece of mind