Beachhead Solutions Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Beachhead Solutions (“Beachhead”). This policy is intended to inform you about how Beachhead collects and uses information, what we collect it for, and what options may be available to you (“You” or “Your”).

1. Types of Data Information Beachhead Collects and How It Uses That Information :

From time to time, the Software may collect certain information, including personally identifiable information, from a device on which it is installed, which may include:

Location information; Information relating to a Your device during installation and operation of Software including device name, and information about such device such as carrier network, country codes, device settings, device name, model, serial number, IP, Bluetooth, and WIFI network addresses, operating system, device specifications (e.g., screen dimensions),  software version(s), etc.; Name, address, e-mail, purchase details, and credit card/payment information may be collected and stored as part of online transactions. Most of the information collected under this category is personal or business contact information. Beachhead may need to share some of this information with banks, credit card clearing houses and other parties necessary to complete the transaction.

Status information regarding installation and operation of the Software, including whether a device is encrypted. This information indicates to Beachhead whether installation of the Software was completed and/or if the Software has encountered problems or errors during installation. This information is collected by Beachhead for the purpose of evaluating and improving the performance of the Software; Information contained in a communications that You may choose to send to Beachhead when the Software encounters a problem including, but not limited to, emails; Information You choose to post on Beachhead online user forums;  With end-user permission, an authorized administrator has the ability to take a screenshot of a device and view it on a server; Other general, statistical information used for product analysis, and for improving product functionality; and Unless it is expressly defined as optional, the collected information as set out above is necessary for the purpose of the functionality of Beachhead’s products.

2. European Union Users: Information may be transferred to Beachhead’s hosting facilities and support locations in the United States which may have less restrictive and protective data protection laws than the country in which You are located, including, specifically, the European Union. This information may be accessible by Beachhead employees or contractors exclusively to be used for the purposes set forth above. EUROPEAN UNION USERS WHO DO NOT WISH TO HAVE DATA TRANSMITTED TO THE UNITED STATES SHOULD NOT UTILIZE THE BEACHHEAD SOFTWARE AND SERVICES.

3. Legal Compliance; Disclosure: Beachhead, if authorized under applicable law(s), reserves the right to cooperate with any legal process, or legitimate government/law enforcement inquiry regarding Your use of the Software, including the furnishing of documents and/or information responsive to a court subpoena, law enforcement or other government investigation. By using the Software, You acknowledge and agree that Beachhead may collect, transmit, store, disclose and analyze such information for these purposes.

4. Security: Beachhead recognizes the importance of the security of the personally identifiable information we have collected and has in place reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information. Such measures include policies, procedures, and technical protocols relating to the access of data. Beachhead further utilizes standard security protocols pertaining to the exchange and the transmission of sensitive data, including credit card details.

5. Compliance Issues: Compliance issues are handled by the office of Chief Executive Officer. If you believe your personal information has been used in a way that is not consistent with this policy, or should you have further questions related to this policy, please contact: By mail: Beachhead Solutions, Inc.,  1150 S Bascom Avenue, Suite 7, San Jose CA 95128; By Telephone: 408.496.6936.

6. Policy Updates Beachhead may update this policy from time to time at its discretion.