Success Stories

Urban School District A British school district comprised of hundreds of schools required data encryption on their laptops and iPads in order to conform to UK data security regulations. They wanted to manage all of their protected devices from a single console, and had strict requirements to minimize the impact of encryption on the performance of their users’ computers. Beachhead was selected over a number of other solutions, including Mobile Device Management tools and PC Full Disk Encryption technologies, because no one else was able to meet both the single console management and performance degradation criteria.

Nationwide Mortgage Brokerage A national home loan servicer and lender based in the Midwest needed to protect the data on the hundreds of smartphones and PCs used by its geographically scattered mortgage brokers, many of whom were contractors who owned their own devices and did not have access to the company domain. They chose Beachhead because they wanted to be able to manage all mobile devices from a unified console. They also wanted to take advantage of Beachhead’s ability to communicate with the devices whether or not they were on the domain.

Regional Medical Center A not-for-profit community health system in the Pacific Northwest was seeking a solution to enable them to maintain the privacy of patient health information on their PCs and other mobile devices without burdening their already-overworked IT staff. Plus, they needed a solution that would not require user training or involvement for installation or operation. They were attracted to Beachhead’s service model which requires no infrastructure and enables the management of all protected devices from the same administrative console. They had been evaluating two other solutions for several weeks, but their setup processes were very complicated. They were pleasantly surprised that the initial Beachhead installation was completed in a single afternoon.

Appliance Sales and Service Company A distributor of household appliances based in the Southeast issued iPads to their field service organization for access to customer data, company support systems and electronic copies of service manuals. Salespeople also used these devices, which often contained customer financial information and other sensitive data the company wished to protect. They needed a simple, straightforward MDM solution that would not only safeguard the iPads but would also cover the hundreds of laptops and desktops used by personnel throughout the organization. They chose Beachhead for simplicity, plus the unique ability to track all mobile devices and PCs from one place.